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Dear Sirs,

We would like to inform you that in the upcoming New Year 2019 we will be removing from our offer several decors/colors found in the table below.
After stock depletion , the edge-bands...

We are experiencing an unusually warm spring, some people are grilling, some are traveling and we? We have no time to play around at the moment, "everyday we're shuffling" all pigments together as...

31st January 2018

At the start of the new year 2018 we are not taking it easy, we are working full steam on the new Kronospan Collection.

1st January 2018

To all our Clients and Companies cooperating with us we would like to which you a Happy New Year.

6th October 2017

Another product training, open days, presentations as well as our participation in the Alan Company’s trade fair. We would like to thank you for your presence and your interest in...

9th August 2017

Wide Edge band in 50Lm rolls.

We would like to introduce PVC edges in a width of 42 x 2mm in 50Lm rolls.

23rd May 2017

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone from visiting our stand at the Interzum Exibition 2017 in Cologne. Meeting our present and future clients is for us extremely...

5th October 2016

50 years of Swiss Krono. We thank you very much and wish you more success. We would like to remind everyone that the full collection of boards, including One World, is available in...

4th October 2016

We would like to invite you to another inclusive exhibition, this time with our business partner – Domator Przemysl. We are at your disposal from 9:30.

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