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profil c

The furniture profile “C” is well known and has been used for a long time by practically all carpenters in Poland as well as abroad. They are characterized by high durability, aesthetics and a very simple method of installation.

The Profile C is used to finish furniture boards that have “unfinished” sides, by applying this kind of edge we can protect the board and at the same time give it a unique appearance. Installation is done by placing and pressing it firmly onto the side of the board. Due to the uniquely designed shape, on the inside, and elasticity the bands do not require the use of any adhesive.

The incredible simplicity of installation and the speed with which it can be applied without the need of any specialized tools or machinery makes it an ideal product for fitters and carpenters. In our offer, these profiles are available in uni-color as well as in many different decors.


C18 / C16 standard length of band is 2,6Lm







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